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Frequently Asked Questions




1- Who do I contact if I experience problems using AADC Online Services?
Call the Toll free number 8009008 which is available 24 hours / 7 days.




2- I am a Payee Party, How can I use AADC Online Services?
All governmental and payees' customers should send an official letter to the Debt Section in AADC to authenticate a person to receive your password and user name.




3- How do I know when is my bill due?
Your bill is due 14 days after your meter reading is taken. Each account has a Meter Reading Cycle indicates the new meter reading due date.




4- Doest AADC accept parital bill payment?  
AADC encourages customers to pay outstanding amounts within 45 days to avoic service disconnection. 



5- What should I do if I made a wrong online payment?
Unfortunately, once you confirm the online payment, customers won't be able to cancel or stop the payment. Yet, you should keep the payment transaction ID as a reference and contact our toll free number on 8009009 OR you can visit the nearest branch requesting settlement 




6- What is 'Pay for Friend' service? And How can I use it?
Pay for Friend service is designed to enable our customers to pay for their friends accounts. To use the service; you would require his/her Account number.




7- What is the meaning of the Distribute Manually, Distribute Equally and Outstanding Balance Ratio? And when do we use them?
If you want to pay for more than one account you will see three payment options:

  • Distribute Equally: the payment amount will be distributed equally for all accounts
  • Distribute Manually: You decide the payment amount for each account 
  • Outstanding Balance Ratio: The system will decide the payment ratio for each account